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Overview of Laryngeal Disorders


Clarence T. Sasaki

, MD, Yale University School of Medicine

Last full review/revision Jan 2020| Content last modified Jan 2020

The voice box (larynx) contains the vocal cords. Laryngeal disorders can result from straining or injuring the vocal cords or from a viral infection.

Specific disorders include

Diagnosis of disorders of the larynx and vocal cords begins with a doctor's examination that includes a scope or mirror exam for the doctor to evaluate the larynx and throat. Other tests, include imaging studies, biopsies, or endoscopy, may be needed.

Treatments for disorders that affect the larynx and vocal cords vary by diagnosis. Resting the voice may be the only treatment required. Surgery may be needed to treat polyps, nodules, and granulomas or diagnose and treat cancer.

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