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Generic name: alprostadil

What is Edex?

Edex is a penile injection used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction: causes and treatments

There are several causes of erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence. These include impaired blood circulation in the penis, nerve damage, hormonal imbalances, excessive alcohol use, emotional problems, and certain medications that you may be taking for other conditions. Smoking has an adverse effect on erectile function by accentuating the effects of other risk factors such as blood vessel disease or high blood pressure. Erectile dysfunction is often due to more than one of these causes.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction includes penile injections, medical devices that produce an erection, surgical procedures (e.g. penile bypass or implants), hormone treatment, psychological counseling, lifestyle changes, or a change in medication. You should not stop taking any prescription medications, unless told to do so by your doctor.

What is the most important information I should know about Edex?

You or your partner should be fully trained on the proper injection technique before using Edex at home. Be sure to use only the dose prescribed by your doctor.

Carefully follow the instructions for administration which come with Edex. For further information or advice, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Note: Edex offers no protection from the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). Small amounts of bleeding at the injection site can increase the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases between partners.

Who should not take Edex?

Men who have conditions that might result in long-lasting erections should not use Edex. Some of these conditions include sickle cell anemia or trait, leukemia, and tumor of the bone marrow (multiple myeloma). If you have any of these conditions, consult your doctor.

Men with penile implants, severe penile curvature, or those who have been advised not to engage in sexual activity should not use Edex.

Edex should not be used by women or children.

What should I tell my healthcare provider before taking Edex?

Tell your doctor if you have a condition or are taking a medicine that interferes with blood clotting.

How should I take Edex?

Edex is injected into a specific area of the penis (see injection directions that come with Edex) and should produce an erection in 5 to 20 minutes. The erection can be expected to last up to one hour. You should not use Edex more than 3 times a week. Injections should be administered at least 24 hours apart.

Ideally, the injection should be administered just prior to foreplay. If your partner experiences insufficient vaginal lubrication or painful vaginal sensations during intercourse, the use of a lubricant may be helpful.

What are the possible side effects of Edex?

Erections that last more than 6 hours can cause serious damage to the penile tissue and may result in permanent impotence. Call the prescribing physician or, if unavailable, seek professional help immediately if you still have an erection 6 hours after injection. Various treatment options for reversing a prolonged erection are available.

A common side effect of Edex is mild to moderate pain during injection. The erection may also be associated with a painful sensation. If you experience severe pain, contact the prescribing physician.

Call your doctor if you notice any redness, lumps, swelling, tenderness or curvature of the erect penis.

A small amount of bleeding at the injection site may occur. To prevent bruising, apply firm pressure to the injection site for 5 minutes. Tell your doctor if you have a condition or are taking a medicine that interferes with blood clotting.

There is a possibility of needle breakage with use of Edex. To best avoid breaking the needle, you should pay careful attention to your doctor's instructions and try to handle the injection device properly. If the needle breaks during injection and you are able to see and grasp the broken end, you should remove it and contact your doctor. If you cannot see or cannot grasp the broken end, you should promptly contact your doctor.

How should I store Edex?

Store at 25°C (77°F); excursions permitted between 15°C - 30°C (59°F - 86°F).

What are the ingredients in Edex?

Active Ingredients: alprostadil

Inactive Ingredient: alfadex, unspecified form lactose, sodium chloride, water

Source: National Library of Medicine. Last updated July 31, 2018.