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Attribution / Citation Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines when referring to content found on

Health Article or Drug References

When quoting information from the website you must clearly indicate as the source. When referencing such information on your website or blog, you must also include a live link back to the appropriate URL on the website.


"According to, the three basic types of inhalers are..."


"According to, the three basic types of inhalers are... Additional information on inhalers is available at"


"According to, the three basic types of inhalers are... (Source:"

Academic References

If you do not have your own citation style, we suggest you use the citation guidelines for websites as specified by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

Website Name [Media Type]. Page Title; Copyright; [Date page last updated; Date of citation]. URL.

For Example: [Internet]. Asthma Inhalers: The 3 Basic Types Explained; c1996-2018 [Updated: 13 February 2018, Cited: 19 June 2018]. Available from:

Reviewed: November 1, 2019